How many gods there are, tucked mysteriously in this little word “god”? Perhaps it should not even be uttered, because it means too much, because it means too many things to too many people, in respect of its surfeit of ambiguity. Each of us, deniers and believers, conceives a god to accept or reject after our own private fashion and according to the limitations on our own spiritual imagination. The semantic pantheon is profuse and teeming with meaning, but here are a few limited, conflicted and competing accounts of the unaccountable, definitions of the indefinable, conceits of the inconceivable god.

God as father, protector, guardian. God as Sky-Daddy, as Poppa.
God as object of worship, for we love to worship.
God as good listener, interest in human petitions, an ear for our predicaments.
God as face, as person, as the one we finally face.
God as mother, as origin of everything, and sustainer, nurturer of each after its own kind.
God as food, and as the eater of food, for the eater in the end is eaten.
God as destroyer, as the final end, as the last return; God as Death, armed with sickle.
God as justice, figuratively the Lord of Judgment Day, when final moral payback becomes due.
God as a spirit troubling the bowels.
God as a voice, as instructions, as advice; God as the conscience.
God as vindication, or as justification, as missing premise and warrant.
God as mysterious explanation, or explanation of mystery.
God as simply everything, for nothing can be left out, and less than all is not enough.
God as the universal witness, the eye behind every eye, the self behind yourself.
God as love, as infinite compassion, the opener of hearts; God as friend and comforter.
God as madness, giver of divine frenzy; God as intoxicant, as wine.
God as Being itself, without regard for differences.
God as the divider, as individuator, i.e., as the metaphysical principle that makes each thing what it is.
G-d as the nameless Tao, the unutterable law of nature, the all-too-wily way Weird works.
God as silence, God beyond Being, for being points beyond itself.
God as wrath, as righteous fury, for the fear of god is the beginning of wisdom.
God as the perplexor, as mystery; God as a living question.
God as suffering, as the history of misery; God as the voice of the voiceless.
God as machine, as the routine confidence of lax mental habits; God as a rut.
God as dead, as crutch and coping mechanism, a false but pacifying hope.
God as unthinkable, as a feeling and the passion of faith.
God as the ultimate common identity of each, for all is one, and that one is God.
God as energy, an agency and activity, a conscious doer, awake.
God as the pulse of creation.
God as explanation of the inexplicable, an assumption that soothes a wound.
God the drug, the opiate, a sedative, ecstasy, a high, a ketamine disintegration.
God as crutch, life-support, a curative, a pain-killer. O Asklepius!
God as out for our own good, He Who Knows Our Best Interest.
God as sop, to pacify the aggrieved lion in us.
God as bludgeon, to rule with blind masses over blind masses.
God as time, which swallows all things, God as the final consumption.
God as the thinker of all reality, for being is only an idea in the mind of God.
God as nothing, for nothing compares to God and nothing is higher than God.
God as emptiness, for all other cups are only half-full.
God as truth, for it is better to say truth is God than to say God is truth.
God as other people, for where two are gathered in my name, I am there.
God as self, for we accept nothing higher than self, even if this is delusion.
God as laughter, because we are wont to put on divine airs.
God as philosopher, for God has the highest, bushiest and most furrowed brow.
God. Godot. Do not pass go. Do not collect bliss. Go forever to jail.

Gather in the name of truth. Let the spirit of philosophy move you.