Objectivity: the tendency to object to other people’s expressed opinions.
Objectivity: a cabal of scientists.
Objectivity: the abused child of the Enlightenment.
Objectivity: inter-subjective agreement; or, two minds are better than one, or even than two that disagree.
Objectivity: fear of one’s insides.
Objectivity: the timid steps of one who fears error (also known as wisdom).
Objectivity: the happiness of the mathematician.
Objectivity: the cool emotion of truth; smiling deference in the face of the unknown.
Objectivity: a category of thought, i.e., of the subjective.
Objectivity: the only prayer of the scientist.
Objectivity: paid equally by both sides (a double agent).
Objectivity: not balance, but the prevailing tilt.
Objectivity: winners in the competition of ideas, or the vanquishing of all opposing ideas.