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Best-selling philosopher and author Michael Picard takes apart the mental word-games we play with an eye to challenging settled belief and shake-up the stale patterns of thought that trap us in dead-ends of meaning. His methods offer an original, remarkable approach to applying philosophy to self-understanding, to our relations with others, and to the very worlds we occupy. Picard will shift your horizons. 

Michael Picard holds an MSc and PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has taught philosophy, psychology, leadership and other subjects at various institutions in North America. He is currently an instructor in the Philosophy Department at Douglas College.

Picard’s first book, This is Not a Book: Adventures in Popular Philosophy, is an international bestseller and has been translated into French, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Estonian. He is currently writing two new books, to be released soon.


THIS IS NOT A BOOK: Adventures in Popular Philosophy

A short synopsis of the book.

PHILOSPOHY A TO Z: Essays for Cafe Philosophy

A short synopsis of the book.

THIS BOOK DOES NOT EXIST: Adventures in the Paradoxical

A short synopsis of the book.




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