THIS IS NOT A BOOK: Adventures in Popular Philosophy


This is Not a Book presents innumerable puzzles, problems and paradoxes of philosophy ancient and modern, East and West, in a light yet profound manner. It has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Estonian, and Greek.

Cafe Conversations: Democracy and dialogue in public spaces. Vancouver, BC: Anvil Press, 2020.



A collection of essays by leading facilitators of Cafe Philosophy from all over the world, including, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Peru, Japan and others.  Curated, edited, and with contributions by Michael Picard. Features Picard's original translations of selections of Marc Sautet, Un Café pour Socrates.

THIS BOOK DOES NOT EXIST: Adventures in the Paradoxical.

Co-written with Gary Haden.


Eight chapters packed with thought-experiences, real-lie examples, and exercises for you to try. Features two technical chapters by Picard on Mathematical Infinity and Impossible Objects.

Caring Leadership bookcover

Caring Leadership: Voice of Nurses


Caring Leadership is a collection of essays by faculty or participants in RRU's Leadership programs, in which I taught for some time. The book has been assigned in university-level leadership and nursing courses.

ISBN: 0-9687361-0-6

Edited by Michael Picard.
Leadership and Learning Collaboratory, RRU. 2000.





Philosophy A to Z: Essays for Cafe Philosophy


This is a collection of essays and other writings created in advance of Cafe Philosophy sessions to prime those discussion. This ebook has since been reworked into How to Play Philosophy


Written by Michael Picard




Change Delivered: Leadership through Public Service.


Change Delivered is an edited collection of contributions by faculty and participants in leadership programs at RRU.

ISBN: 0-9687361-1-1-4

Edited by Michael Picard.
Leadership and Learning Collaboratory, RRU. 2001.