Caring Leadership:

Voices of Nurses in RRU’s Leadership Programs

Caring Leadership bookcover

Caring Leadership: Voices of Nurses in Royal Roads University Leadership Programs

This book is a collection of essays from nurses who have attended or were currently attending the Master of Arts in Leadership and Training program at Royal Roads University, many having been introduced to the degree program through the short Executive Program, Creative Leadership in Health Care.

This work speaks to the themes of leadership and learning programs at Royal Roads University.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface / Gerry Nixon
  • Forward / Cathy Ferguson
  • Introduction / Michael Picard
  • Caring leadership : a journey back to Kansas / Kim Dougherty
  • Caring : who takes a leadership role? / Bev Dobbyn
  • What does leadership look like in the hearts and minds of public health nurses? / Stephanie Buckingham
  • Keeping it simple : a nurse’s perspective on leadership / Margaret Gauthier
  • From knowledge to acknowledgement : some challenges facing health care leadership / Noelle Andrews
  • The leader/the gardener / Sharon Faulds
  • Learning and leading in the chaos of health care / Lynda Byrnes
  • The quest for shared leadership / Janet Hoffman
  • Leadership : more than the sum of our senses / Johanna Montigny
  • Caring leadership / Graham Dickson

Caring Leadership has been assigned in university-level leadership and nursing courses.

ISBN: 0968736106

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