Change Delivered:

Leadership through Public Service

The contributors to this volume are faculty or participants in leadership programs at Royal Roads University.

Royal Roads University is dedicated to continuous innovation in leadership and learning for mid career professionals. Commensurate with this vision, the Organizational Leadership and Learning Division offers both Executive and Masters programs in leadership to clients from the public and private sectors.


Table of Contents:

  • Preface / Gerry Nixon
  • Rethinking public service / Michael Picard
  • Change delivered : lessons from a forest stream / Angus Graeme
  • Sharing leadership in a chaotic world / James L.C. Taggart
  • Next, please! / Claire Abbott
  • E-leadership in a digital world / Gwen Lock
  • Learning leadership / Catherine Reznechenko
  • But is it leadership? / Anne Jane Grieve
  • Whither teams? / Sandy MacIver
  • The delicate interface of political and public service decision-making / Elizabeth Cull
  • Change delivered, change yet to be delivered / Graham Dickson

Change Delivered cover painting by Miles Lowry.

ISBN: 0968736114

Revised and expanded as (The Bedside Book of) Philosophy: Adventures in Thought and Reasoning (2012). This book has been translated into 6 languages and has sold 150,000 copies globally.